Land & Sea Rangers

Our Ranger Programme is operated through the Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council. The NPARC Ranger Programme is jointly run with Custodians of the land, The Apudthama Lands Trust, to manage our local natural resources. The area patrolled covers approx 250, 000 Ha, including 300km of coast line.

Rubbish Left by Tourists

Our rangers are an important part of our community and provide a vital service not only in managing our country but also in the intergenerational transfer of knowledge and skills from our Elders to our young people. Tourism is often seen as an economic blessing by economist but for many Cape York Peninsula communities tourism in its current form brings very little revenue and presents a major cost burden on our landscape and communities. A large amount of ranger time is spent removing rubbish left by tourists at camping spots across the peninsula.


The Rangers currently undertake a number of important projects such as the Ghosts Nets Project which collects hundreds of abandoned fishing nets from our seas and beaches that would otherwise pose a threat to birds and marine animals.

NPA Rangers Turtle MonitoringTurtle Monitoring is another important projects that is being undertaken in partnership with scientists and other western cape communities.