Our Country Planning Project


The Apudthama Land Trust is working with consultants to develop a Country Plan. As part of this process we will identify the cultural and natural values of our country and try to balance the conservation of these with opportunities for future development so that all of the Injinoo clans can ensure the best for our future generations.

Our Country planning process includes the following steps:
Step 1: Collecting the existing information for Apudthama lands relating to natural and cultural heritage.

We have ethno botanist – Dave Fell is working with us to collate the natural heritage information. <INSERT PHOTO OF DAVE>
Dave will be coming to Injinoo to present a progress report on his work at a workshop on the 4th September.  This workshop is open to all Traditional Owners and other Injinoo residents.

Shelly Greer

We have archaeologist and heritage specialist Dr Shelley Greer working with us on pulling together all the cultural heritage information available for our lands. She will also present a progress report at a workshop at the end of September or early October (date to be confirmed).

Step 2: Workshops with the community talking about what people want to do on country, how to safeguard special places and the processes that we will adopt to ensure responsible planning.

One workshop will be on future aspirations and involve all community members who want to come and talk about their ideas for what they think should happen on country. This will include talk about leases, developments, eco /cultural tourism.

One workshop will be to overview the plan once all the information has been brought together to ensure that everyone agrees to it. This will be the point at which the Land Trust will be able to make an informed decision about whether or not it supports a World Heritage nomination or any other major initiatives.
Susan McIntyre Tamwoy

If you want to know more about this project please call or email the project co-ordinator: Susan McIntyre-Tamwoy  susan.mcintyetamwoy@jcu.edu.au or 0425215012

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