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The Apudthama Land Trust elected a number of new board members at its AGM held 16th October 2012

The new board consists of mr Reggie Williams as chair, Ms Gina Nona as Deputy and Wally Moses, Roy McDonnell, Dale Salee, Robinson Salee, Eric Cottis, Kathy Woosup and Nicholas Thompson as Board members.  The first act of the new Chair was to deliver a heart- felt thank you to the outgoing board members for the fine work they have achieved in building a strong organisation.  He pledged to carry on the work of the Trust, to complete the current projects and continue building the trust on the trajectory of success.

Submission to the Queensland Government’s proposed Bioregional Management Plan

The Apudthama Land Trust is concerned about the government’s proposed bioregional management plan.  Our concerns are outlined in our submission to government. To view submission click here

Board Meeting Minutes – 04/09/12

Apudthama Board Meeting Minutes - 4th September 2012

Present: Bernard Charlie, Meun Lifu, Gina Nona, Sandra Sebasio, Richard Woosup, Richard Tamwoy, Susan McIntyre-Tamwoy, Debbie Cesari, Jessica Namai

Apologies: Walter Moses, Roy McDonnell

Venue: Ranger Base Conference Room - Injinoo

Time: 12:00PM to 4:30PM

Agenda Items:

  • Financial Report
  • Correspondence Register
  • reports on Secretary Workplan
  • Follow up from workshop 3rd September 2012
  1. Bioregional Plan
  2. Update on World Heritage Assessment CY Peninsula
  3. Pajinka options for discussion
  4. Muttee Head Eco Lodge concept
  5. Natural Heritage Values
  • Debbie Cesari
  1. Turtle and Dugong Taskforce Membership for NPA
  2. Solwata Advisory Committee update
  • Shane forester - CYWAFAP
  • Research Protocols and Standard Agreement
  • Proposal for language committee - Sandra Sebasio
  • Council proposal for sand extraction at Itchira - Muttee Heads
  • Ian Milne -Proposal for land lease
  • Marcus Gebadi – Proposal for land lease
  • Sustainable future - Warren (Ranger Coordinator)
  • Report on website progress
  • Forward calendar of meeting




Person responsible?


  1. Financial Report
  1. Paid Dave $4000
  2. Finance relating Jardine Ferry

Draft another letter asking for 20%




  1. Sand Extraction
  1. Letter received from Danny Sebasio regarding proposal for sand extraction at Itchira - Muttee Heads
  1. No money received from council regarding previous/past sand extractions
  2. Geoff has informed ALT that there is a $1.50 cubic metre royalty

ALT to write reply letter to Council asking to provide map on where the existing sand extraction is and where will be the new one?

ALT requested documents with sand extraction schedule, etc


Jess to follow up

  1. Correspondence Register
  1. Susan explained the purpose of the correspondence register to the Board Members

Jessica is to bring all correspondence folders to every Board Meeting


All agreed

  1. Reports on Secretary Workplan
  1. Passed around workplan for everyone to see

All agreed

  1. Follow up on workshop

 Lots of positive feedback from participants.

  1. Bioregional Plan

Government will make law around whole of CY Peninsula

Roy Solomon has asked if Apudthama can make the plan for CY Peninsula and forward to the Government?

Apudthama deserve the right to plan for their country

  1. Update on WH Assessment CY Peninsula


  1. Pajinka options for discussion

Arrange meeting with IAC Board members

Make plan for Pajinka and lay it out to make decision on it

Determine what’s going to happen

Start Prescribed Body Corporation

Give CYLC notice to come up

  1. Muttee Head Eco Lodge Concept
  1. The Board will get back to Guy Chester

Susan will write a submission regarding plan for CY Peninsula

To discuss what happened and how it got out of business and what did they do at that time and since that time?

Public meeting

Structure for PBC to run business

Organise John Reeves to attend and find out with John McIntyre

Draft a letter saying “the Board is still thinking about this”







All agreed

  1. Debbie Cesari
  1. Solwata Advisory Committee

Balkanu got funding from Qld Govt for Turtle and Dugong

Represent someone from the area for each clan groups

Atambya to be confirmed

Chris gave Shorty ID cards for hunters, $15 per card as insurance

Rules were made for permit for 1 week into

Information sheet and keep record

Sorry business community can hunt for 2 Dugongs or 4 Turtles

For general hunting, community can only hunt for 1 Dugong or 1 Turtle per boat

  1. Strategic Plan

Really important to start doing Strategic Planning but the Board is really busy with everything else that is going on

Wants to come up for 2-3 days every 4-5 months for a full on meeting only about Strategic Planning (no distractions)

Sandra Woosup recommended Roger Williams for Angkamuthi clan

Jessica Namai to call Roger and tell him that Angkamuthi clan has made him the representative

Shorty to talk to Christopher Lifu and Trevor Lifu about representing Gudang clan

Jess to get ID cards from Shorty, do up a spread sheet to record who paid the $15


The Board idea is to do it away from community as there is too much distractions

Community workshop to take it back to the clan groups

Work out costing for 2 days retreat

Funding comes back to Land Trust








All agreed

  1. Shane Forester - CYWAFAP

1. Aerial Pig Cull

Feral been the major cause of predation on several species of turtle nest

Have funding for Turtle and can get for Pig hunting

Shooting pigs inland

Rights to hunt

Applying for funding and decisions made by land owners and they can support various groups that will apply for it

Bunty suggested when go hunting to identify the ones that are being born

Call in professional hunters and Rangers to hunt, look where pigs are and the problem areas

Talk to Rangers to broaden, need a bigger understanding, needs for hunters and projects

3ks inland, but can discuss how much ks and do community workshops for people to see




  1. Research Protocols and Standard Agreement

1. Warren has one, will look for it

2. Suti will do a research and bring to the next meeting



  1. Proposal for Language Subcommittee - Sandra Sebasio

Talked about the purpose of the Language Subcommittee - to keep the language/culture going

Suti did a research on grants and found one that will be applicable in October

Suti suggested Sandra to make the plan and proposal for the Subcommittee

And also the Dance Group Committee



All agreed

  1. Proposal for Land Lease

1. Ian Milne

Submitted a letter to ALT but was told to talk to council as the land he wanted is in the DOGIT area

  1. Marcus Gebadi

Submitted a letter to ALT requesting support letter for land that was given to his grandfather in Seisia, he would like to control the area/lease as he was approached by family members and is also keen to build business there to bring back employment to the people of NPA

Write a draft letter and forward to Bunty and Jess


  1. Sustainable Future

 Warren doesn’t want Sustainable Future to get involved with Ranger’s business

  1. Reports on website

 Website is almost done

Suti told the Board what is on the website, etc and that once it is finalised Denise will do training with Jess on how to update, etc the website.

  1. Next meeting?

 First week of October

Date to be confirmed